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Rebeca Nigrinis is a Colombian Artist whose paintings are well known for their bright colors and bold lines that speak volumes at first sight.

An artist par excellence, Rebeca brings magic to life with every brushstroke, while all the beauty around her has served to inspire her creativity.

She enjoys creating art in collections, and her time in the Middle East has influenced several.

The Arabian Village series brings together many different village's elements and buildings and is depicted with bold lines, colors and textures.

The Camel series is inspired by the most iconic animal in the region, showcasing their charm and beautiful eyes, often decorated with colorful details.

The Omani doors series is an ode to country's colorful doors with Rebeca's own personal touch.

Rebeca also finds inspiration in women with character and has created a collection of paintings titled Divas Series, which portraits women of different nationalities and backgrounds in vivid hues. It includes Arabian, African, Latino and Gypsy divas.

Rebeca’s work has received many accolades and has been admired in collective and solo exhibitions across The Middle East. 

Her work is permanent exhibited in her art studio located in the heart or Muscat, Oman. If you would like to find out more, get in touch now.

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